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LAVESHMUSIC is a creative collective producing “adver-tunes” since 2000. Our innovation of the “jingle” has created a lane for music producers and recording artists alike to extend their talents to the world of advertising. As we continue trailblazing new trends in music and media, we propel a legacy reaching back 40+ years.


Satisfied Clients

LAVESHMUSIC has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. From the first days of “Ba-da-ba-ba-bah, I’m Lovin’ It”, to our nationally know “Oh-oh-oh, It’s the Tom Joyner Morning Show” theme, LAVESHMUSIC has proven the quality and effectiveness of our sound and communications.


Keir Antoinette

Singer songwriter and music executive Keir Antoinette has helped to establish a reputable music brand. She is President of LAVESHMUSIC as well as a creative force, writing and producing national ad campaigns, network television placements, and her own recording artist agenda.



North-Chicago production duo Leslie Michael and Brandon Thomas have composed hit ad campaigns, kept consistence syndicated radio airplay, and launched their own music brand and licensing agency. Now the brothers hatch a plan to invade playlists world-wide.

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